Mometrix Review (Deep Dive)

Mometrix review

Studying for tests doesn’t come naturally for everyone. And paying high prices for assistance by tutors or fancy test prep classes isn’t always ideal. That’s where Mometrix comes in to save the day. They offer a bunch of free products and low-price courses to help students achieve their goals. Let’s break down this test prep academy in this Mometrix review!

Overview of Mometrix

Since being founded in 2002, the Texas-based private company has been an A+ member of the BBB. They’ve also been named as the world’s #1 test academy likely for the number of courses they provide.

Mometrix has two core parts to its business. They have the Academy and the University. While both models offer study guides, flashcards, and test prep material, they differ in price and what course they cover.

Mometrix Academy covers topics like:

  • Business
  • Career
  • College Admissions
  • K-12
  • Medical Professional

They also have a particular focus on the ACT and SAT.

While Mometrix University covers more specific courses like:

  • HSPT
  • GED
  • Medical-Surgical Nurse
  • OCN Nurse
  • TEAS

With over 3500 products covering over 1500 different standardized exams, they have one of the largest catalogs of test prep courses to choose from.

In-Depth Look at Mometrix

This Mometrix review will include all the important things that a student needs to consider when choosing a test prep program. Understanding what this company offers in their courses and what material they teach is integral to a student’s success. But factors such as price, time to complete, among other facts, are also important to consider.

With this breakdown of the test prep academy and university, students can feel confident about their decision in choosing or straying from this program.

What Does Mometrix Prep Courses Offer?

Mometrix offers a variety of learning styles to its users via their online platform and their Smartphone app. This allows students to study the material on the go as well as at home. Both apps sync together through your registered account so you can stay on track when switching back and forth between platforms.

Online Platform

Mometrix has an online platform that is easy to use. They have several different areas to navigate through from study guides to flashcards to help users find a variety of ways to study. Their online platform is organized in a way that you can search for a specific test and online class or you can browse the general category you are interested in.

This could be business or high school placement tests. All courses will offer the same access to different forms of study with the relevant information needed to pass. Regardless of which method you are using to study, the course automatically tracks your progress so you can stay on pace with your goal.

Smartphone App

Most users of a test prep program become weary of using a smartphone app but with this online test prep everything transfers over nicely. Study guides and video lessons remain easy to see and follow and your progress when you move back and forth does not get lost. Everything syncs up nicely.

How Does Mometrix Teach Their Classes?

Whether you are using the mobile app or you are working through their online digital platform on a computer, you’ll have access to all the materials and different study options. Mometrix test prep provides a variety of study options to fit all learning styles. This is one of the key characteristics that make this platform such a great option.

While the online courses cost to take part in, they offer tons of free study aids to accommodate all different kinds of learning styles.

Guided Courses

The course material stuff is jam-packed but Mometrix wants you to know that only relevant information to the test will be provided. That’s because they don’t want to waste time studying concepts that won’t help you pass and focus on the important material.

The courses are planned thoughtfully for the best results. First, you review the material then use different study aides to learn it a bit closer, and finally test your knowledge with quizzes and practices.

Printable Study Guides

Their printable study guide is free and one of the best parts of the courses. They remind a lot of users of the “How To…For Dummies” books by thoroughly covering concepts, providing sample questions, and tests, as well as dedicating a section to strategy. This is particularly important for those who aren’t great at taking tests in the first place.

Video Lessons

While the online study guides are easy to read and understand, some learners need a visual representation of the material. That’s why this test prep provider uses video lessons to explain the material previously learned. The video reviews are mainly reserved for some of the more difficult concepts to digest.

Each course will vary greatly in the number of video lessons offered. Some courses for instance will have over 100 hours of recorded video lessons. Other courses may only require 20 hours. This is more dependent on how extensive the material is for the test.


Memorizing terminology and content can be difficult which is why flashcards have always been a great study tool. In particular, this part of the program works wonderfully on the mobile app and is an easy way to study materials on the go. This is another free feature that goes a long way for the students who use Mometrix.

Practice Tests/Quizzes

Whether they the tests or quizzes these exams mimic the questions that you will encounter on test day. For the quizzes, most of these questions come at the end of sections to review the material you just learned.

Practice tests come at the end of the course to judge your readiness for the real exam. This is where you will apply your test-taking tips as well.

GED Course Example:

To understand best how their online test prep course works, let’s look at an overview of the GED option.

  • More than 1000 questions
  • More than 310 video lessons
  • 118 Lesson Topics
  • 430 Flash Cards

Through these videos and study guides, you’ll learn through reading passages, graphs, infographics, and other useful ways to relay information for a memorable way of studying. And no matter how easy or difficult the lesson is, you can always redo or re-watch the lesson as many times as you need to understand. Going at your own pace is great because you can get things done quickly or take your time!

Additional Resources Offered

While they already offer so many great benefits, Mometrix has a few other tricks up its sleeve. No pun intended! With support, money-back guarantees, and bonus sections, students can’t field


While the platforms run pretty well there is a support team available in case your account starts to have some technical trouble. They even go a bit further to provide help in a variety of sections including questions about the programs and test materials themselves.

The setup of the support system is set up as a database where you can choose from the following categories.

  • Subscription and Order
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Course Questions
  • Miscellaneous

These will direct you to a variety of blogs that address the most frequently asked questions and topics within this category.

If this method doesn’t answer your question, you can click on their Contact Us button. You’ll be directed to a pop-up that lets you fill in a message section and your information to be contacted.

Email and Phone

Some customers prefer just to directly contact their customer support staff. In this case, you can contact or you can call 1-800-673-8175 during business hours.

Business Hours:

  • 8:30am to 5:00pm CST
    With the exception of holidays.


The fastest and best way to contact this company is to use their chatbox. During normal business hours, you can work with a customer representative over chat on their website. Originally, you’ll be answered with an automation system while they connect you to a customer service representative.

Tutoring Academy

While this business does not offer live tutoring like some of its competitors, it does offer a unique tutoring center as a part of its academy section. This section is solely dedicated to providing links to videos that offer tutorial explanations of concepts that may be harder to grasp.

You can find that they cover nearly all their topics. But instead of searching based on your specific test, they break it up by topics.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Business and Finance
  • English
  • Humanities
  • Math
  • Medical
  • Science

Within these categories, you will see that there are several subjects with math containing the largest section. This allows students to specify their search results and cover broader topics they may not have a great grasp on.

Money-Back Guarantee

The Mometrix money-back guarantee works slightly differently from other programs. Instead of guaranteeing results for a money-back guarantee, they offer a free trial period of their services. If you don’t like their products or materials you can ask for a refund with no questions asked.

The reason why this test prep business thinks it’s a fair deal is that a lot of their course material can be worked through in a week’s time if you are a dedicated learner. This gives students ample time to decide whether they like the way the course is laid out or not.

Bonus Sections

One of the best parts of the course according to user feedback is their bonus section dedicated to anxiety management. Because a lot of these tests are career-related or university-related, anxiety naturally comes with the territory. With a section dedicated to tips and tricks to manage the nerves, students felt like they were in a better position to take the exam.

Mometrix Pricing

As mentioned, this test prep program offers one of the largest databases with test prep course options. This results in a wide variety of prices per course because of the amount of material in each one. Something that this business does not do compared to many other businesses is offer add-ons such as tutoring with a live person. While some reviews found this to be negative, others thought this way great because it kept the price down.

Let’s look at some different pricing for different classes.

  • GED – $21.99 Billed Monthly for a Year – Valued at $91 per month.
  • NCE – $79.99 Billed Monthly for a Year – Valued at $117 per month.
  • Kaplan Nursing School – $59.99 Billed Monthly for a Year
  • SAT – $29.99 Billed Monthly for a Year – Valued at $117 per month.
  • TSI – $39.99 Billed Monthly for a Year – Valued at $110 per month.

Pros and Cons of This Online Test Prep

What may be considered a pro to someone may be a con to another. When compared to some of the other online prep courses these are the general takeback and pluses to this particular test prep program.


  • One of the most affordable online test prep providers on the market
  • Great value for the amount of course content
  • A variety of different study methods to include all learning types
  • Contains the largest database of prep courses for major standardized testing
  • Easy-to-understand study guides with follow up quizzes and video explanations for better comprehension
  • Mobile app and digital platform that synchronizes for on-the-go learning


  • No price plan options. Just a one-size-fits-all approach for every student.
  • No tutoring options and limited additional resources.
  • Old-fashioned customer support care


As you can see in this Mometrix Review there is a lot of value to these online test prep courses. With jam-packed study guides that are easy to follow and understand, users have felt they were well prepared for their exams. More importantly, it’s commonly reported that there is no fluff and excess information that is irrelevant to the test. This makes the quality of the program that much higher.

While they may not offer tons of add-ons like tutoring and multi-level pricing and packaging they do offer extremely affordable prices. This is particularly amazing considering how many specialty standardized tests there are in this database. With a large section focused on math, university testing, and medical fields, a wide variety of professions are covered.

The course process makes sense in terms of flow. Through reading and video lesson explanations, students can learn the material then take part in end-of-chapter quizzes. For sections they get wrong, students can review with flashcards and other study aids. At the end of the section, the course will offer a number of practice tests where you can practice your material knowledge and stress-management tips. All Mometrix reviews give a general consensus that this business is worth the buy.

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