Exam Edge Review (The Facts)

Exam Edge review

Exam Edge is an online program that offers practice exams for people of any educational level, background, and aspiration. While they’re a leading practice test provider, there are many other companies and resources available. This Exam Edge review will help you to see if this test prep provider is for you.

Who Needs To Use Exam Edge Test Prep?

People of all ages have probably experienced the heartache and anxiety of test-taking. Taking a test can be problematic for countless students due to many reasons. Some students learn better with hands-on experience and a classroom setting; however, others excel in testing when they have an unlimited time limit.

Learners often resort to using their disorganized notes or unsystematic practices in order to prepare for upcoming tests. Other pupils rely heavily on memorization. If students do not study properly, then they will not test well. People often try cramming the information quickly, studying the wrong items, and not practicing taking a test. Even with all the studying methodologies and practices, many will still not do well on their tests and exams.

For those who struggle with test-taking, higher education does not come easy. Students that find testing difficult in school most likely will need additional help for any important exams, certifications, qualification tests, and more. Thankfully, there are options available to help struggling students.

The question is this: what makes Exam Edge an ideal resource, and is it worth your time and money?

Keep reading this Exam Edge Review to learn more about this test prep provider as well as the pros and cons of using them as your main test preparation provider!

Overview of Exam Edge

Who They Are

Established in 2006, Exam Edge has been a testing preparation provider for fifteen years! During the past fifteen years, this company has reached many students and administered numerous tests.

This company first started with teachers and educators in mind. They have became a platform for teachers and educators to take practice licensing exams and certification assessments. As time went on, this company realized the desperate need for all subjects. Thus began their journey in providing practice tests for everyone.

What They Do

Exam Edge is an online resource for individuals to access practice tests for upcoming exams and assessments. Their purpose is to aid their customers in learning more, studying better, and reaching their full potential.

In total, Exam Edge offers 98,022 exclusive practice exams. With over ninety-eight thousand exams, students are likely to find an assessment with their subject in mind.

How They Help

They have students in over 150 countries. With 7,033,596 tests accessed and 633,023,640 questions given, Exam Edge has made a name for itself around the world. There are currently 2,609,154 individuals practicing and studying through this online practice test provider. With this many students participating, there has to be something special about this test prep provider.

Exam Edge has taken the time to speak with many professionals to create ideal questions and answers. By learning more, this company is able to provide practice tests, assistance, and reassurance to nervous test-takers.

In-Depth Look at Exam Edge

What Do They Offer

Throughout this Exam Edge review, we will discuss the many unique tests on a variety of subjects. There are four basic industries that this provider covers and they are: business, education, healthcare, and world subjects. Each subject matter contains various test examples based on school, education level, certification, and popularity.

For example, industry education contains the subject of teaching. Under teaching, you can find practice exams under the following names: PRAXIS, TEAS, TEXES, ILTS, MCA, MTTC, NCSTATE, and many more.

The number of tests varies based on the subject. For example, some practice exams under teaching have over a hundred practice exams. However, other topics under accounting only have one or two.

Exam Edge presently offers various practice tests for the following subjects:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Canadian
  • College Placement
  • Dental
  • Financial
  • Fitness
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • High School
  • International
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Radiology
  • Service Industry
  • Teaching
  • Veterinary

You can contact Exam Edge through their online “Contact Us” page, and they will get you the help you need. Many students need help understanding questions and test material. Your practice test provider can supply you with an accredited tutor and the Exam Edge tutors can assist you with your test and any questions you may have. If you are having technical difficulties accessing your practice exam, Exam Edge can help with technical support.

As an educational resource, this company stakes its reputation on the success of Exam Edge. There is a 100% pass guarantee for individuals that purchase practice tests through Exam Edge directly (third-party affiliated purchases are not covered in this guarantee).

Individuals that take their exam within a two-month period of passing an Exam Edge practice test may qualify for ten additional attempts if they fail their actual exam.

How Does Exam Edge Work?

As soon as you’ve chosen your industry and subject matter, you can purchase your practice test. After purchasing your practice test, it will be up to you to decide when and where you complete your test. All practice tests are accessible at any time after purchase, with no worry of any recurring fees.

You may set a time limit, or you may take your practice exam without a time limit. It is often suggested that learners set a time limit that matches their actual exam time limit. By practicing with the same time restraints, individuals are able to emulate a similar atmosphere and conditions. It is ideal to give yourself the best chance for success by practicing as if it is the real deal every time.

For those that feel that a practice test will not help them learn, they can see the answers to each question as they review the test; this is a great method to grasp a basic understanding of the material and what is expected of you, as the test taker.

Individuals may take each practice exam four times. Despite only being able to take the practice test four times, learners have unlimited access to their test reviews. After taking the practice exam, you may review the correct answers in addition to comprehensive explanations that clearly illustrate why an answer is correct or incorrect.

What About After Your Practice Test

So, you’ve taken your practice exam four total times, what now? Each practice exam attempt provides the test taker with a review page. As mentioned previously, Exam Edge reviews each test and provides an in-depth review page containing the following items:

  • The number of correct and incorrect answers
  • The correct answer to each question
  • Details that illustrate why an answer is correct or incorrect

Students are able to use this Exam Edge review page to understand what areas of the subject need more attention before the actual test. Each test that Exam Edge reviews provides each individual with the information they need to do better on the next test!

Exam Edge Pricing

What it Costs

The price of one of their practice tests varies based on the subject matter, the number of tests, and bundles. The average price of a single-practice exam is $22.95. With each practice test comes four attempts, meaning that each try is approximately $5.74.

For those that wish to buy more than a single practice test from Exam Edge, bundles are sold in packs of 5, 10, and 20. Five practice tests are $56.75, and ten practice tests are $96.50. Lastly, a bundle of twenty tests ( a total of eighty attempts) costs approximately $163.

By purchasing tests in bundles, the singular test price goes down. For many, this is a great deal! Not only do they receive a better bang for their buck, but they have four times as many attempts.

What’s Included

Each test includes one hundred and twenty-five questions relevant to your subject matter. Examinations are instantly granted to customers the moment that their payment is processed. Each purchase of a practice test comes with access to accredited tutors and technical support; this is helpful for students who are ready to learn but hesitant to do it alone.

Included in the listed costs is unlimited access to review pages. After completing a test and examining the review page of correct answers and comprehensive explanations, test takers can analyze their review pages whenever they want.

Technical and educational support is the most beneficial addition for learners. For other learners, they enjoy unlimited access to review pages because they are able to familiarize themselves with the subject matter.

Pros and Cons of Using Exam Edge

The following are the positive and negatives of using Exam Edge as your test prep provider for TEAS test prep or another other test prep.



In comparison to other test prep providers, Exam Edge can be a great resource if you need a cheaper option. The more tests you buy, the cheaper the practice tests become. Bundles are an excellent fit for those anxious and wish to get as much practice as possible for a reasonable price. Many reviews rave over the discounted bundle prices in comparison to a singular test. The extra attempts are beneficial to those who need as much practice as possible.


Exam Edge is known for its support and help system. You can reach them through the online “Contact Us” page, email, telephone, and mail. The online contact page allows users to put their best contact information, their question, and additional pertinent information. By taking advantage of the Exam Edge support system, you are more likely to learn more. Tutors can be extremely pricey. Exam Edge gives you the ability to access a tutor for any test-related questions. You can easily contact a tutor or Exam Edge employee for any problems or questions.


Before purchasing a test, customers can review a sample test. A sample test can aid customers in their decision to purchase or not. In addition to the free sample, individuals can easily access their practice tests anywhere they want. Exam Edge is an online resource; it is compatible with all systems that have WiFi access. There is no need for printing or special software.


Irrelevant Information

After analyzing numerous customer reviews, the most common complaint with the Exam Edge service is the relevance of the information. Many customers were not satisfied with the test material because it felt as though the practice test did not accurately represent the subject matter of the actual examination.

Multiple reviews stated that the practice test was not as difficult as the actual test. Many complained that the practice tests could be compared to a grade school quiz. To best avoid problems such as these, it is ideal for customers to review the sample test before purchasing. Students of different educational levels will come to Exam Edge for additional studying help and access to a tutor.

Some students may be more knowledgeable than others, and this will affect their experience with practice tests. On the other hand, students with less knowledge may benefit from this. Purchasing a test may seem daunting if you feel that you will not learn from the material. Again, utilize the free sample tests to avoid dissatisfaction.

Unreliable Guarantee

While a guarantee is better than no guarantee, some are not happy that they can not receive refunds. There are many stipulations to prevent scamming and stealing; however, the list is extremely long. Firstly, individuals must take their examination within two months of passing (>80%) an Exam Edge practice test. If customers fail a test after using Exam Edge, they are eligible for the 100% pass guarantee (an additional ten practice test attempts). If they are still not satisfied with their Exam Edge experience, they must also meet the following criteria before receiving the 100% pass guarantee benefits: directly purchasing and passing a bundle of five practice tests in addition to submitting their failed exam scores within ninety days.

Conclusion and Verdict

Before declaring a positive or negative verdict on Exam Edge, consider the question: what makes Exam Edge an ideal resource, and is it worth your time and money? Exam Edge is a fantastic resource for those who require an experienced test prep provider. Exam Edge allows access to exams 24/7 and a limitless amount of test reviews.

If you need an in-depth review of a practice test as well as access to an online tutor, Exam Edge is for you. However, Exam Edge may not be for those who are not in a popular industry. Many of the less popular subjects were those with limited options. It is best to see how represented your subject is on Exam Edge before purchasing a package.

To better summarize, Exam Edge is an ideal resource, and it is worth your time and money. It is vital to utilize the free sample tests before purchasing an Exam Edge practice test. For customers that are anxious or lacking in knowledge, a bundle of tests will improve your chances for success. Not only will a bundle of tests help you in your classes, but it will also provide more feedback and a 100% pass guarantee.

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