6 Best Civil Service Test Preparation & Study Guides (Updated May 2024)

best civil service test preparation courses

If you’re looking to take the civil service exam and want to learn how to pass the test, you will need civil service exam test prep. In this guide, we have compared and reviewed the 6 best civil service test preparation courses and study guides to help you ace the exam when you take it.

Who Needs To Take The Civil Service Exam?

Job seekers who want to work for certain government jobs inside a government agency or department must take the Civil Service Exam. A civil service test is required for a variety of positions, including air traffic controller, border patrol agent, police officer, IRS employee, and many others.

Who Needs To Use Civil Service Test Prep?

Anyone who wants to work for various government jobs will need to take the civil service exam. So if you’re someone looking to do this, then it would be very helpful if you take civil service exam test prep to make sure you’re ready to take the actual exam.

6 Best Civil Service Test Prep Courses And Guides Online

If you’re ready to prepare to take the civil service exam, below you will find the 6 best civil service test preparation courses that you can find online. Each will provide you with the information you will need to be fully prepared.

1. Mometrix Civil Service Exam Study Guide Practice Test

The first of the best civil service test prep options is the civil service study guide by Mometrix, a leader in the test prep industry.

If you want to earn the Civil Service exam score you deserve, there is no need to be concerned about taking the exam. All you need to do is learn how to conquer the test-taking game.

The Mometrix Civil Service test study guide was developed by exam professionals who thoroughly examined every topic and concept you’ll need to ace the exam. Their unique study on the Civil Service test, which is administered by state licensing boards, shows certain curriculum areas and abilities that you must be familiar with in order to pass the exam. They’ve taken that material and turned it into a study guide that will ensure you pass the Civil Service test.

What’s Included

Once you purchase the study guide you will gain access to a wealth of information.

The guide shows you how to use super-fast strategies to breeze through the questions you already know, allowing you to focus on the more difficult questions without feeling rushed.

You will learn the exact study plan for the Civil Service exam that will yield the best results in the shortest amount of time.

This guide provides you with a strategy for dealing with Clerical Abilities issues – You’ll learn how to respond to them swiftly and effectively.

You will learn the precise abilities and information you’ll need to perform well under duress during the exam.

Learn the hidden keys that, in many cases, provide the correct answer. You’ll know what to look for in terms of specific flags.

Plus, gain access to four bonuses that include practice questions for the civil service exam, study skills, overcoming test anxiety, and overcoming the fear of math.

These are just a few of the things you will get as part of the Mometrix civil service exam study guide.

Benefits of Using

The Mometrix civil service exam test prep study guide is comprehensive and will provide you with all of the material you will need to pass the civil service exam.


Pricing for this civil service exam prep is so affordable. For only $24.99 you will get the secrets to help you prepare for and pass the civil service examination once you are ready to take it.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

2. Civil Service Practice Test And Prep By JOB TEST PREP

Next on our list of best civil service exam prep courses is the civil service exam prep provided by JOB TEST PREP.

The approach used by JOB TEST PREP to prepare for Civil Service examinations is built on three principles:

  1. To assist you in comprehending the appearance and feel of civil service tests, as well as providing information on the process and the questions you’ll be asked.
  2. To help you get practice tests and to help you enhance your ability to respond to real examinations with complete answers and comments. As a consequence, you’ll have an advantage over your rivals.
  3. By using their realistic testing environment, you can reduce the stress of timed tests. Unlike books, you may work with a running time on our website, just as in real exams.

What’s Included

Once enrolled in the JOB TEST PREP civil service training, you will gain access to over 2,300 questions and answers, two practice exams for spatial orientation, eleven tests on reasoning abilities, thirteen practice exams with tables and graphs and two full-length simulations of civil service exams.

You will also get forty six verbal practice exams, five tests on situational judgment, twenty nine practice exams for clerical and typing and twenty three numerical practice exams.

On top of all this you will gain access to eight accounting practice exams, nine practice exams in logical reasoning, four practice tests for memory, preparation for the SJT and personality tests and nine study guides.

Benefits of Using

Out of all the civil service test prep options shown here, JOB TEST PREP has one of the best in terms of all that you get for the money. You can be assured that you will gain access to all the test prep you need to pass your civil service exam.


The cost for this civil service exam test preparation is only $79 and they even give you access to a free civil service exam practice test.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5

3. iPrep Civil Service Test Prep And Study Guide

Next on our list of best civil service exam prep is iPrep’s civil service test preparation course.

This course will help you improve your abilities and, as a result, your confidence as you prepare for the civil service exam. You will get many tools and advantages by this course which include:

Refresher courses on important verbal and numerical concepts that occur often in civil service exams.

Many practice exercises to help you get used to the questions in different forms and to get used to the time limits.

A wide range of useful hints for all sorts of queries. The majority of the hints are in the extensive explanations that follow each question, although others are in the introductory parts.

You will be more educated and confident about your test by the conclusion of this course.

What’s Included

If you decide to enroll with iPrep’s civil civil service test prep, you will immediately gain access to eighty four exams to help you improve your score over time. Also, all of the civil service exams are completely covered which includes non-verbal, linguistic, numerical, cognitive skills and clerical.

You get 1,500 questions that will cover the typical civil service exam subjects and 1,500 time-saving test hints and excellent solving strategies for each and every question.

Plus, get test scores that are just like the actual test results as well as a completion certificate.

You get all of this for 90 days of unrestricted access.

Benefits of Using

As you can see, the civil service exam prep offered by iPrep has much to offer. By using their civil service exam preparation you receive everything required to help you be ready to take your actual exam.


The price of iPrep’s civil service study guide and course is comparable to all the others on our list at $29.95.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

4. Study Guide By Trivium

Our next civil service test prep option is the study guide from Trivium.

Trivium Test Prep is a company that specializes in producing test prep study guides. This is their newest civil service test study guide. It is a preparation book with practice test questions for the civil service exams which includes firefighter, police officer, clerical, and more.

This guide is 154 pages which will give you a rapid but thorough study of everything you will encounter on the civil service exam with current, real-life examples, pictures, and information.

These simple resources provide you with the edge you need to pass the first time.

What’s Included

Once you get your hands on the Civil Service Exam Study Guide from Trivium you will get a comprehensive study of everything you need to know to pass the civil service test, practice questions to help you practice and enhance your skills and test-taking advice to help you get a better grade.

The guide covers writing, reading, reasoning abilities, speaking and skills in mathematics and clerical work. You will also receive a full practice test.

Benefits of Using

While this guide will not give you the civil service test prep that you will find in some of the top options shown above, it will give you enough information to help you feel more confident when you take your civil service exam.


The price for this study guide is an affordable $19.99 so it’s definitely a good value.

Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5

5. Study Guide By Test Prep Books

Next on our list of top civil service test preparation options is the study guide from Test Prep Books.

This is 185 pages of content designed to help you develop better test-taking techniques, vocabulary, spelling, comprehension of text, mathematics, clerical practice and more. The goal of their study guide is to give you the highest chance of passing your exam.

What’s Included

Once you purchase this guide you will see that it covers a wide variety of the topics that are expected to appear on the Civil Service exam.

Several practice exam questions are provided in this guide. Want to know why you missed one? There are ways to prevent missing the same question a second time and these are shown with thorough answer explanations.

Gain access to many of the current up to date test-taking strategies so you have the skills to pass your exam.

The finest strategies for test-taking have been put together by Test Prep Books. This can be a time saver for you and help you not to make many of the common errors known to occur on exam day.

Benefits of Using

If you’re looking for a simple way to study for the civil service exam, this guide may be for you. While not a course, it can give you the tips and information you need to get ready for exam day.


The cost of this study guide is affordable for just about anyone at $19.99.

Our Rating: 4.0 out of 5

6. Master the Civil Service Exams

Last on our list of best civil service test prep options is the huge 454 page guide from Peterson.

This step-by-step preparation guide is for you if you’re pursuing a job with the federal government and you need to pass their exam.

This useful resource has the necessary arithmetic, verbal, and clerical problems for passing the civil service test.

What’s Included

Inside this study guide you will find there are four full-length practice exams with extensive answer explanations.

You will also be able to review your clerical, verbal, memory abilities, and arithmetic in order to achieve a good score on your exam.

Plus, you will find expert advice on how to become a top job applicant from civil service specialists as well as current information on the civil service employment market, including expected growth areas in the federal government.

Benefits of Using

This guide has been highly reviewed by those that have used it; some say it’s a great study guide. Some even say it helped boost their score. If you’re on a tight budget , this may be an option for you but it’s not our top pick for civil service test prep.


This is definitely a good buy for those on a tight budget at only $14.22.

Our Rating: 4.o out of 5


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